“Promoting dialogue between the ECtHR and the media freedom community”                                           

The European Centre for Press and Media Freedom, with support of the Council of Europe and its partner organisations, invites you to join a dialogue on freedom of expression between the European legal and the media sphere. It will take place on 24th March 2017 in the Palais de l’Europe Building (Room 1) in Strasbourg.

The conference will be live-streamed entirely. Find the webcast here.

The one-day conference aims to bring together judges and lawyers of the European Court of Human Rights and media lawyers, academics, policymakers, journalists, media professionals and civil society representatives active in the field of media law and freedom of expression. It will provide a platform to discuss the ECtHR case law in cases concerning freedom of expression of media and journalists.

Key topics to be discussed:
● Defamation, privacy and the processing of personal data
● Investigative journalism, access to information, protection of sources and whistleblowers
● The right to protest and the role of the media during protests. 

Registration closed

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The conference will be live-streamed entirely. Find the webcast here. 
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Peter Noorlander

Bertha Foundation
Program Director
Peter Noorlander is a recognised expert on international human rights law and policy, particularly on issues of digital rights and freedom of expression, and Director of the Bertha Justice Initiative. He has worked in the human rights NGO sector for twenty years, during which he co-founded and led the award-winning Media Legal Defence Initiative, ran a global network of media and internet freedom lawyers and advised governments and NGOs on law reform. Peter is also a prolific writer. He has published widely in mainstream media as well as specialist publications, mainly on freedom of expression and media law.